- Instant fame -

As a reflection of todays society where the most important thing is to be famous The Gigantomat gives everyone the possibility to instant fame. The concept of artificial beauty forced upon us through the media leaves us with the unanswered question of how to live up to this demand. Maybe this is the solution to give people the possibility to show the world how naturally beautiful real people are.

The Gigantomat is an piece of art with a over-sized design reminding of the traditional photo-booth. One or two persons enters through the side doors of the machine. Once in there and placed on a stool the button is pressed and a picture is taken. The picture is presented immediately in a large scale on an exposing wall. The surrounding crowd will respond quicker than you can imagine. The next picture is possible to take 30 seconds after the first just to get some rotation in the booth, allowing next person to enter. When The Gigantomat is unused there will be a slideshow with the pictures taken previously. As soon as a new picture is taken live-mode commence and shows the new pictures, adding them to the slideshow for later use.

Concept and design:         Bertil Göransson och Johan Moritz

Production:                         Luxera AB

Other installations by the same designteam: SonoDeLux


Previous exhibitions:

Stadens Ljus:Rosengård Malmö, 2010 / Linköping Lyser, 2011 /  Vinterfestivalen Östersund, 2012 / :by Light 2012 / Drömljus Helsingborg, 2013 / Luleå i nytt ljus, 2013

@ Bertil Göransson, Luxera AB

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